Previews: R. Kelly

From the November 29, 2012 edition

“Trapped In the Closet” is funny and all, but a Pitchfork headline like “Watch: Sylvester and Twan Encounter Pimp Lucius in the Latest Installment of ‘Trapped in the Closet’” indicates a joke gone too far. It’s actually kind of sad to see one of R&B’s great living hook writers vamping ironically over the same loop.

But even if you have zero patience for the absurd goofiness of R. Kelly’s soap-operatic saga, which recently debuted new installments on IFC, there’s no denying the man’s incredible voice (he absolutely slays on Kanye’s recent “To the World”) or his superhuman powers as a showman.

And since his Single Ladies Tour arrives in advance of an album called Black Panties, he’ll probably be especially suave and quirky Sunday at Vets Memorial. Tamia opens the show.