The List: 10 things you shouldn’t post on Instagram

From the November 29, 2012 edition

First off, some cool vintage-y filters do NOT suddenly make you a talented photographer, but Instagram can still be a fun visual way to share what’s going on in your day — as long as you don’t post the following.

Six consecutive pictures of your baby with slightly different expressions

Yes, we know you think your baby is a precious gift, and we’ll indulge you in some cute pics, but I don’t need so many that I can print them out and make a flipbook of the kid making a face.

You doing something illegal

Seriously, dude, you don’t need to document your bong hits. It’s cool.

A cloudless sky without context

Hey, cool, it’s a pretty day. You just took a picture of “blue.”

Boring meals

Yes, people overdocument the food they are about eat, but at least make sure it’s something interesting and yummy. If you packed a plain cheese sandwich for lunch, you can keep that one to yourself.

A picture where you look hot and say you think you’re ugly

Ladies, I’m talking to you. Nothing screams “insecure” like shamelessly trolling for compliments.

Imminent danger

Hey, I know you’ve got a sweet angle, and that one filter will totally make that train coming at you look sweet, but ... RUN!

Anything that makes you want to include the hashtag #yolo

You only live once, but you’ll always be an idiot. Congrats.

More than one grainy concert pic

OK, we’ll give you one “I was here” pic from the nosebleed seats at a show, but when you start posting the same dimly lit pic for every song? Put your phone down, and enjoy the damn show already.

A screencap of a note you typed

There are literally dozens of social media apps for words. This one is for pictures.

Your Social Security number

You’d like to think that people aren’t this stupid, but you know they are.