Mickey Factz at Skully’s

From the December 6, 2012 edition

Like any list of musicians to keep an eye on (ahem, Alive Bands to Watch 2013 is Jan. 26), XXL’s annual Freshman Class list isn’t a guaranteed predictor of success. For further insights, ask Pill how his stint in Maybach Music Group is going.

But getting on the list at all means you’ve turned somebody’s head, so Bronx rapper Mickey Factz can put that feather in his cap. And although his self-satisfied Cyhi-before-Cyhi lyrical approach isn’t anything special, his charisma is significant, and he slathers those lyrics all over high-quality production that ranges from knocking to luxuriant. So Wednesday’s show at Skully’s promises to be a good party even if it doesn’t turn out to be a great rap show.

Ohio talents The Kid Daytona and Hodgie Street are on tap to open the show.