Introducing: The Tree Bar guitars

From the December 13, 2012 edition

Years ago, Erik Kang made plans for the silver maple that grew through Andyman’s Treehouse.

“I thought, ‘This tree’s probably heard a lot of good music. It has to be turned into guitars if it ever comes down,’” said Kang, a Columbus expat based in Austin.

When the tree became a stump last year, Kang’s plan materialized. Fellow Columbus native Pat Murray, who runs Chattanooga-based Coop Guitars, turned a cross-section of the tree into instruments, though not easily.

“The process of waiting on this wood to dry out was further complicated by the fact that as it was drying, cracks were forming in the wood,” Kang said.

The reopened Tree Bar will keep one guitar, to be unveiled and played at a Dec. 21 celebration there. Another, nicknamed “Hey Brother,” will be raffled at a future Andymanathon fundraiser. If there’s enough wood for a third, Kang will keep it.