Jessica Lea Mayfield and David Mayfield: The Sibling Rivalry Tour at the Basement

From the December 13, 2012 edition

Here’s how the story goes: The Mayfield family of Kent used to tour around playing bluegrass under the name One Way Rider, but siblings David and Jessica Lea soon developed a taste for rock (they covered Foo Fighters together at open stage). Those influences merged.

At age 15, Jessica became Dan Auerbach’s protégé and attracted widespread attention for her precociously downcast take on Americana — think of her as the slowcore version of Lydia Loveless. Her older brother toured with her band for a while before founding David Mayfield Parade and garnering acclaim for his own Damien-Rice-meets-Tim-McGraw brand of city twang. He also snatched up Evan Harrison Parker from this city’s own Joshua P. James and the Paper Planes to play standup bass for him.

Which brings us to Thursday’s show at The Basement, a presentation featuring both acclaimed Mayfields dueling it out on stage (with guitars, not guns). Rob Duskey opens the show