Clutch at the Newport

From the December 27, 2012 edition

Among practitioners of workingman’s rock music, few come through with the girth Clutch musters with each ball-busting bluesy huff. Imagine The Hold Steady’s bar-band riffs with amped-up aggression, and instead of a frantic nerd-poet with a guitar, a burly, bearded frontman stalks the stage at Henry Rollins intensity levels.

More than two decades in, the formula doesn’t look to be changing much. A promo video for the upcoming LP Earth Rocker lays out the band’s M.O. in plain English: “The approach was just straight-ahead rockers. Not to overthink the songs. Just, like, hard-rocking songs.”

To get fans stoked for the new record, the longstanding Maryland combo will gallop into the Newport this Saturday with fellow heavyweights Mondo Generator, Saviours and Wino.

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