The List: 10 Things We Won’t Miss About 2012

From the December 27, 2012 edition

It was the best of times (see: the rest of this issue). It was the worst of times.

Being a swing state during a presidential election year

Enjoy the peace, Ohio. It’ll be 2016 before you know it.


OK, it’s over. Can we never speak of sparkly vampires again?

Football bowl bans/NHL lockouts

Are you ready for some … disappointment? The Buckeyes should be playing for a national title, and the Blue Jackets should be … playing.

“Gangham Style” parody videos

The PSY video that became YouTube’s most viewed of all time? Perfectly tolerable. All the imitators? Not so much.


We had never heard of these powerful storms until one knocked out the city for a week and a half.


When was the last time you cared about Twinkies before you thought you would never see one again? Yeah, thought so.


More like NOLO, amirite?

“Fifty Shades of Grey”

Because nobody wants to know what his or her mom masturbates to.

End of the World tension

The parties were fun and all, but people who actually thought the world was going to end were not.

Top 10 Lists

Just kidding! See you next year, everybody.