Staff Pick: Parquet Courts at Cafe Bourbon Street

From the January 3, 2013 edition

In the dreary dregs of the first week of the year, on the Monday night when the reality of a full work week has sunken in (along with your eyes), an early contender for concert of the year will transpire at Cafe Bourbon Street.

Frankly, an all-local lineup starring the lo-fi “pop” triad of Connections, Psychedelic Horseshit and WVWhite would be sufficient grounds for excitement, but none of those bands is even headlining. So what’s got them gathering on a school night?

That’d be Parquet Courts, a Brooklyn-based, Texas-bred post-punk combo that taps common record nerd sweet spots — Mission of Burma, Devo, Sonic Youth, any band with a motorik pulse — with uncommon grace. 2012 LP Light Up Gold crams 15 songs and endless ideas into 33 minutes, breezing through a nimble, roughshod, melodious half-hour with breakneck momentum.

It’s a party the way Necropolis shows used to be a party; Monday will be too if we all show up to wild out.