Angie Theado is dishing up classic bar fare with a chef's touch at the Schumacher Place tavern.

The Hey Hey Bar & Grill is turning over a new leaf -- and a few burgers in the process.

The Schumacher Place watering hole, a neighborhood staple since the days of Prohibition, has a new chef, and the first one in at least 30 years.

Angie Theado will unveil her new menu Jan. 17 at the tavern, 361 E. Whittier St. She said her bar fare is approachable and affordable -- with a chef's touch.

"I just want to make the food delicious and get really high-quality ingredients," she said.

One of the new traditions is the Yak Burger, the meat for which comes from a Colorado ranch owned by Sue and Tim Gall, who also own the Hey Hey.

Theado said the burger will be topped with arugula, white cheddar, bacon, chive aioli and a fried egg, sunny side up.

Something that will not change is the sauerkraut balls, for which the Hey Hey is known.

"They're Sue's recipe, but they will not change," she said. "I'm not going to touch them."

Other menu items include duck confit, smoked turkey with dan dan noodles, French Omelet BLT and turducken tacos, topped with pickled red cabbage, cilantro and queso fresco, and served with a lime wedge.

Theado, who lives in the University District, is the owner of the Coop food trailer, which is known for its devotion to poultry.

She said many Hey Hey dishes popular at the Coop will be served at the Hey Hey.

The Coop formerly was parked at Indianola Avenue and Cliffside Drive in Clintonville.

However, the building was sold and she was forced to relocate. Theado said she hasn't found a permanent spot, but plans to attend some summer festivals this year.

Theado, 32, trained at Columbus State Community College's culinary program and has worked locally, including Alana's Food and Wine.

She said she jumped at the opportunity to work at the Hey Hey.

"Sue basically said, 'The kitchen's yours. Do what you want,' " Theado said.

The kitchen will be open Thursday through Saturday evenings. Starting in February, brunch will be offered Saturday and Sunday. In the spring, Theado plans to offer lunch.

The Galls have owned the bar for 32 years. Sue Gall said the bar was built in 1900 and was renamed the Hey Hey during Prohibition.

She said expectations of tavern food have grown in recent years, prompting the change in programming at the Hey Hey.

"We've got the space, so why not?" Gall said.