Heartless Bastards at the Basement

From the January 24, 2013 edition

Erika Wennerstrom hasn’t lived in Ohio for more than half a decade, but we don’t let our music heroes go so easily. Fortunately, they usually are proud to rep Ohio even if they’ve long since vacated.

So Arrow, the Austin resident’s Austin-produced 2012 album, should make you Ohioans proud. From gospel-tinged six minute opener “Marathon” (consider it her answer to Blur’s “Tender”) to Dwight Yoakam-worthy “Parted Ways,” Arrow is the most energizing music of Wennerstrom’s career. In particular, the Zeppelin-informed, tom-tumbling distortion bomb “Simple Feeling” is unexpected, welcome and potent.

Dead Confederate opens Thursday’s show at The Basement.

Nathan Presley photo