Profiles in trivia: David Kellough

From the January 31, 2013 edition
  • Photo by Meghan Ralston

Did you know: Dr. James Howard Snook, the prestigious OSU professor of veterinary medicine who was executed in 1930 for murdering his mistress, has a daughter who moved to Hawaii in adulthood and worked as a teacher? One of her supposed pupils was Barack Obama.

(Take a moment to compose yourself. Our heads exploded, too.)

David Kellough knew that story. It’s one of many he’s learned from decades of hobby-researching Columbus’ University District. It has “disappointingly few ghost stories,” but there’s plenty of interesting information to be uncovered on architectural, art, music and sin (hello, 1970s). Kellough documents the history he finds on his Tumblr and website.

“I read about all these people that lived, loved and lost. They made sandwiches, had sex, paid electric bills, all in the same buildings, same streets as us,” Kellough said. “I feel a little sense of duty, like I’m doing good work creating a space where a moment lives again and that world is not lost. I guess I hope someone will do the same for me.”