Maroon 5 at the Schott

From the February 7, 2013 edition

When Maroon 5 hit it big with 2004’s irrepressible mom-rock smash “This Love,” I never would have imagined they’d still be around in 2013, let alone that they’d arguably be at their most dominant. But here they are kicking off their North American tour at a sold-out Schottenstein Center, proud owners of 2012’s longest-seated No. 1 single (“One More Night”), a cheekily titled million-selling record (Overexposed) and, in sexy/squawky cipher Adam Levine, something like a celebrity frontman.

I would not have been so surprised at their resilience had I known how long they toiled before breaking through. Way back in 1994, as the teenage alt-rock band Kara’s Flowers, they basically invented the sound of post-sellout Weezer. When they regrouped as Maroon 5 after college, their debut album was out almost two years before stardom struck.

Given that level of persistence, (a) don’t expect them to go away anytime soon and (b) musical bed bugs Owl City and Neon Trees are highly appropriate opening acts.