Preview: Jeff Fernengel Paintings

From the February 7, 2013 edition

Artist Jeff Fernengel’s devoted followers adore the laidback painter’s penchant for knife fights between octopi or whatever kind of strange scenario you could imagine cartoonish, aquatic-looking creatures to be a part of. A new show of Fernengel’s art at It Looks Like It’s Open gallery this weekend proves that the painter’s imagination has gotten anything by stale.

“I think my work has been slowly evolving,” Fernengel said. “This show has increased levels of action, multiple character scenarios and predicaments, and a slightly heavier nod to more psychedelic elements.”

The show’s 30 or so paintings are going to be awesome and colorful and weird. Local party rockers Swimsuit Edition, alcohol and a $1 raffle for a Fernengel work will also help make the evening hazy and bright.