Previews: Love

From the February 7, 2013 edition

Caren Petersen, the owner of A Muse Gallery in German Village, recently became a grandmother.

“When a baby is born, all thoughts of what you’ve known as love are blown away,” she gushed.

Petersen’s daughter, Hali Robinson, is the new mother and also managing director at the gallery. Needless to say, if any gallery should host an art show about love featuring works by its most notable, it’s this one.

For example, the image by artist Chas Ray Krider (shown) that was inspired by a photo of women holding a book in a mid-century issue of Vogue magazine.

“It raised the question, ‘What could these women be reading?’” Krider said. “The image suggested a myth. Their foundation garments, like body armor, made them the modern equivalents of the Lost Amazons or Wagner’s Valkyrie. … The narrative floats off the book’s pages in the form of a Renaissance painting by Tintoretto.”

The collage’s title, “A Poem from the 13th Century,” is a loose reference to Bob Dylan’s song “Tangled up in Blue.”

“A Poem from the 13th Century,” by Chas Ray Krider