Staff Pick: Punch Brothers with Anais Mitchell at the Southern

From the February 7, 2013 edition

Former Nickel Creek mandolin man Chris Thile is one of the geniuses of our time, fully versed in a broad swath of music history (his blend of bluegrass and classical styles is otherworldly) but fully engaged with our times (his covers of acts like The Strokes, Radiohead and Of Montreal — also otherworldly). His current project, Punch Brothers, is a glorious free-for-all that has pushed old-fashioned sounds in all sorts of exciting new directions.

It’s hard to think of a better setting to experience this sterling ensemble than the cozy, classically adorned Southern Theatre. Furthermore, his trailblazing ensemble is touring with another singular talent, the Righteous Babe-signed/Bon Iver-endorsed Vermont singer-songwriter Anaïs Mitchell.