The List: Top 10 fictional comics

From the February 7, 2013 edition

Comic books have become such a part of our pop culture that some comics exist only within the fictional worlds of movies, TV shows, etc. Here are 10 of our favorite examples.

10. “9th Wonders!” from “Heroes”

The prophetic comic that was a crucial piece of the “Heroes” mythology. Wikipedia says it played a role in the conclusion of the series, but we have no idea because we stopped watching “Heroes” after Season 1.

9. “Wonder Space Fish” from “SpongeBob SquarePants”

Rumor has it that a major studio recently optioned this for a 2015 summer blockbuster to compete with that “Justice League” movie.

8. “Caroline in the City” from “Caroline in the City”

This Lea Thompson vehicle was “Must See TV” after “Seinfeld” for a few years. Thompson played the creator of a newspaper comic strip that mirrored her life.

7. “Angry Dad” from “The Simpsons”

Bart’s comic-turned-internet-series based on Homer’s rage issues was eventually made into a film that won both a Golden Globe and an Oscar. Bart Simpson, auteur indeed.

6. “Powdered Toast Man” from “Ren & Stimpy”

Our favorite superhero made up of powdered toast of all time!

5. That Spanish polar bear comic from “Lost”

OK, this is technically a real comic ("Green Lantern/Flash: Faster Friends #1"), but we had to include it for the awesome/weird foreshadowing of polar bears on the island. Remember how freaky that was?

4. “The Atomic Trinity” from “The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys”

A film about a group of adolescent Catholic school boys (Kieran Culkin, Emile Hirsch) who — when they weren’t pulling pranks and being general troublemakers — also worked on a comic that paralleled their actual lives. The mutant heroes’ (Brakken, The Muscle, Captain Asskicker, Major Screw) main nemesis was the evil Nunzilla. Blasphemy unite!

3. “Tales of the Black Freighter” from “Watchmen”

The groundbreaking comic book series from the mind of writer Alan Moore contained a comic book within the world of the comic book. That’s pretty meta, dude.

2. “Bluntman & Chronic” from “Chasing Amy”

America’s comic book nerd laureate Kevin Smith’s dramedy about comic book artists in love featured this tongue-in-cheek stoner superhero duo.

1. “Radioactive Man” from “The Simpsons”

There are iconic superhero catchphrases (“Up, up and away!” “Hulk SMASH!” “Flame on!”) but Radioactive Man has the greatest one ever: “My eyes, the goggles do nothing!”