The List: 10 worst couples ever

From the February 14, 2013 edition

If you’re not in a relationship this Valentine’s Day, here’s a reminder why being part of a couple is often way worse than not being part of a couple. Here’s some evidence.

10. Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

The reality TV couple seems to be content with the fact they are universally hated. We hope they don’t reproduce. Plastic people can’t spawn, can they?

9. Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen

Let’s dispense with the punk rock romanticism. A mutual love of heroin and self-destruction is a pretty bad basis for a relationship.

8. Jack and Rose in “Titanic”

Love is blind and, apparently, too stupid to realize that there was totally room for two people on that raft.

7. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

It was a match made in Tom Cruise’s publicist’s dreams, and the divorce that surprised no one who saw the Oprah couch-hopping interview.

6. Ronnie and Sammi on “Jersey Shore”

Nothing on “Jersey Shore” was more annoying than this perpetually on-again-off-again couple. Nothing. And that’s saying something.

5. Angelina Jolie and her brother

We’re glad you’re close. Really. But the sibling PDA at the 2000 Oscars is still creeping us out more than a decade later.

4. Taylor Swift and anyone

Taylor, the only thing your failed relationships have in common is … you.

3. Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne

The unholy union of the Nickelback singer and the pop-punk princess has made people cringe since they announced their engagement, and they have the worst celebrity couple name ever: Chavril.

2. Tequila and decisions

Some things should never, ever go together.

1. Edward and Bella in “Twilight”

Here’s a lesson for teenage girls. Healthy relationships aren’t born out of stalking. And vampires will kill you. See also: the “still a better lovestory than Twilight” internet meme.