Distilled: Columbus brewery updates

  • Photo by Meghan Ralston
    Beer Rainbow at North High Brewing
From the February 21, 2013 edition

Local brewers are hard at work, so here’s a rundown of what they’ve been up to. Some are branching out into new industries, others are celebrating their success. All of them are dedicated to brewing beers Columbus can be proud to call our own.

Actual Brewing Company

The staff has doubled since the last time I visited the most fun brewery in Columbus, mainly because there’s a lot going on — including roasting and selling a line of coffee and ramping up their lab services.

Actual sells their yeast strains to a handful of clients and a Brewing Science Institute-certified lab technician and equipment offer a full line of analysis (ABV, IBU, color specificity, etc.) for alcoholic beverages.

Last but surely not least, Actual has finalized all their licensure paperwork and is ready to begin full production brewing. Actual is currently “tweaking” recipes, and the prototype I tried of their flagship Fat Julian is already very solid.

Four String Brewing Company

The Big Star White IPA was released last fall, and Four String has more new beers on the horizon. A limited release of a vanilla porter may still be available at Woodlands Tavern as of press time, but no guarantees. Don’t worry if you missed out, the vanilla porter will be back next winter because Four String is adding four 30 barrel fermenters to offer four seasonal brews throughout the year. Next up for the spring, the Grandview brewery has a cherry blonde made by infusing its Backstage Blonde with Michigan tart cherries.

North High Brewing

First and foremost, BRU is no long more, as the name was legally changed to North High Brewing.

Other cool things are happening at the brew-on-premise/brewery/bar. North High now offers 10 of their beers and will tap its first firkin, a Russian Imperial Stout, Saturday at 2 p.m. Commonwealth Kitchen, an offshoot of Commonwealth Sandwich Bar, will unveil its full food menu Thursday. Items include house-made sausages, Devils on Horseback and a pub cheese dip.

Lastly, North High is bringing its reclaimed architectural aesthetic to the fore with plaques describing the numerous historical pieces used throughout the building.

Seventh Son Brewing Company

Seventh Son has all equipment installed and is awaiting final inspections this week. Expect the first beers — an American strong ale and stout — within a month. A spring seasonal using a Saison yeast strain cultivated by brewmaster Colin Vent is in the works.