New beer store: Weber Market to become Savor Growl

  • Photo by Meghan Ralston
From the February 21, 2013 edition

This spring, Clintonville will receive another shot in the arm for its claim as Columbus' next great beer community. Not only will the gastro-pub The Crest likely be done with its renovations by then (complete with a rooftop garden!), but the convenience store Weber Market should also be finished with its own transformation into a growler fill shop.

According to Savor Market manager/owner Firas Habli, the newly renovated Weber Market should open by April under the name Savor Growl. The store will offer 60 taps for growler fills, in addition to continuing the home delivery that set the first Savor apart. 

“Clintonville is becoming a destination for good beer, and we’re really trying to prove that it’s a destination for good beer,” Habli said.

Habli bought the Weber Market location a few years ago, but waited till now to start the remodeling because he wanted to test the market for a growler fill convenience store by opening Savor Market first.

"And then we got some good feedback from (our customers), so this encouraged us to do Weber Market,” he said.

Habli said the new store will offer everything the first Savor currently does, including alcohol and tobacco. Savor Market also currently offers eight taps for growler fills, and the new store will focus on locally made beer.

“Any kind of beer you’re looking for you’ll be able to find at our stores,” he said. “The point is to offer good beer from (local) small breweries who don’t have the capability to sell beer outside their own bars. Plus, there’s a lot of good beer in the market (outside Columbus) that’s not available.”

Growler fills at the current Savor range in price from $8.99 to $20, depending on the beer, and customers do not have to own a Savor growler jug for their growler fill.