Seluah at Ace of Cups

From the February 21, 2013 edition

Google “Seluah” and you’ll probably get the doom-and-gloomy Louisville quartet that plays Ace of Cups this Thursday with WVWhite and SHVS. But you might also discover some Persian folklore about “a siren-like creature that drags victims to a drowning death.” So explained drummer-singer Edward Grimes, also of esteemed chamber experimentalists Rachel’s, to Leo Weekly in 2011. Sounds about right.

(Google “Selah,” and you will get a bunch of Psalms, or possibly an old P.O.D. song.)

Seluah, whose lineup also overlaps with Boom Bip’s live band, released a despondent LP called Red Parole that year. They call it psych-dub, but it’s steeped in the dark-and-arty strain of post-rock of Louisville forebears Slint, with lyrics like “Smoke is all that’s left of us” and nary a major key. It portends a performance that might skew monochrome but ought to be sufficiently grandiose.