Willy Moon at A&R

  • Sasha Rainbow photo
From the February 21, 2013 edition

Willy Moon has come unstuck in time.

Somehow, Alfred, the footman from “Downton Abbey” (the one who “looks like a puppy who’s been rescued from a puddle” — Lady Mary, always so snippy!), transported to the 1950s, got a makeover from Elvis, carried on to 1993, grabbed a copy of 36 Chambers, skipped ahead to 2005 and wandered into a Go Team remix of some leftover C+C Music Factory production worked over by a child who just discovered the “orchestra hit” patch on his Casio.

The result, “Yeah Yeah,” is in an iPod commercial, which is where it belongs — partially because it’s such an upbeat genre mash (think “A Little Less Conversation” remix) and partially because post-smartphone, iPods are caught in the same sort of retro-modern identity crisis as Moon’s music. Of course Jack White’s Third Man Records released it.

Moon’s opening act Tuesday is a Cleveland “blues/soul/rock&roll” group called Welshly Arms, whose name is hilarious. God bless us, every one.