Willy Moon at A&R

  • Sasha Rainbow photo
By Columbus Alive
From the February 21, 2013 edition

Willy Moon has come unstuck in time.

Somehow, Alfred, the footman from “Downton Abbey” (the one who “looks like a puppy who’s been rescued from a puddle” — Lady Mary, always so snippy!), transported to the 1950s, got a makeover from Elvis, carried on to 1993, grabbed a copy of 36 Chambers, skipped ahead to 2005 and wandered into a Go Team remix of some leftover C+C Music Factory production worked over by a child who just discovered the “orchestra hit” patch on his Casio.

The result, “Yeah Yeah,” is in an iPod commercial, which is where it belongs — partially because it’s such an upbeat genre mash (think “A Little Less Conversation” remix) and partially because post-smartphone, iPods are caught in the same sort of retro-modern identity crisis as Moon’s music. Of course Jack White’s Third Man Records released it.

Moon’s opening act Tuesday is a Cleveland “blues/soul/rock&roll” group called Welshly Arms, whose name is hilarious. God bless us, every one.