Interview: Lewis Black

From the February 28, 2013 edition
  • Photo credit: Clay McBride

Lewis Black is never one to hold back. His ranting style offers fantastic moments of hilarity, while epitomizing the frustration many of us feel when it comes to our political system and the leaders within it.

With that said, having a conversation with Black is a lot like seeing him onstage — angry, rapid-fire and all over the place. So instead of a traditional Q&A, a better way to illustrate expectations for his performance this Thursday is to highlight some moments from our conversation — especially because Black told me, “You caught me at a good time.”

Presidential elections

No more of the f---ing convention crap. You want to have a circle jerk, find a hotel and go there.

Nancy Pelosi

That Nancy Pelosi says they’re not going to cut salaries … it lowers the dignity of the office. Screw you! This whole group has lowered the dignity of the office. Alcoholics did a better job in the ’50s than you people can, you sober group of pigs.

The One-Percent

The economy dragged along last month, but it didn’t affect the One-Percent at all. Why do these people need protection? Their accountants are enough. It’s nonsense.

I made a lot of money, and I’ve been completely broke. I’ve lived on both sides of the fence, and I’ve made a lot of money screaming about these a--holes. Don’t tell me how the rich aren’t protected on levels that are unimaginable to the general public. They’re unimaginable to me.

Gun Control

First off, I’m still working on a way that’s funny to get into it because the two toughest things I’ve talked about on stage are abortion and gun control. The issues are so hot-button and people are so entrenched in their delusion that it goes beyond my understanding. Part of the problem is somebody — probably from the NRA — got the term gun control in there. But it’s not about controlling their guns. It’s about gun violence and how it needs to be dealt with.

The same people who feel the government is going to take their guns away are the same people who, on a daily basis, comment on the ineptitude of the federal government. Really? All of a sudden they’re going to be good at what they do.

The only lesson I’ve learned from gun violence is that I should open a gun shop. You sit there, load up for a store and wait for the next tragedy, then open for business. What occurred after the violence in Newtown in terms of gun sales is beyond me.

Guns in schools

Where is the proof that if somebody in an elementary school had a gun they would be able to do anything? Where’s the proof!? Somehow they don’t have to prove their side of the argument. All they have to say is, “If somebody had a blunderbuss …”


I put some simple things on Twitter, really innocuous stuff. Like there are 300 million guns in the country, maybe we could take a few minutes to discuss what that means. If there’s 300 million guns in the country, that means everybody has at least one and somebody has mine. And I got these reactions like I’d come to their house and raped their firstborn. The level of overreaction is astonishing.