Staff Pick: P!nk at the Schott

From the February 28, 2013 edition

P!nk is underrated. Maybe not in terms of dollars; her tour is coming to the Schott, same as any multi-platinum pop star. But she doesn’t loom as large in the cultural and critical consciousness as Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry or just about anyone else in her peer group.

Perhaps that’s because she’s such an unrepentantly gauche mashup of urban street culture and cornball midwestern whiteness, or maybe she just isn’t feminine enough. But it certainly ain’t the songs. Her hit list is full of wedding jams and post-breakup kiss-offs that speak well of her still-quite-vibrant career. Even “Get the Party Started,” which once smelled like Essence of Smash Mouth perfume, is aging better than I could have imagined.

Furthermore, The Hives are opening her show Wednesday, which is crazy and awesome.