Preview: Pusha T at Skully’s

From the March 7, 2013 edition

No one questions Pusha T’s ability to rock clinically sinister rhymes detailing the trials and triumphs of a coldhearted drug dealer lifestyle. But given the less than spectacular quality of his solo work, including the recent Wrath of Caine mixtape, Pusha seems to be at his best when playing off a partner, whether his brother Malice as perennial underdog duo Clipse or Kanye West in any number of G.O.O.D. Music blockbusters.

Still, both times I saw Clipse, including their show at BOMA (now Bluestone), the Thornton brothers were absolutely monstrous on the mic, so there’s every reason to believe Pusha’s show at Skully’s will be fire. Dez Arnez hosts.