Staff Pick: Spirit Family Reunion at Woodlands

From the March 7, 2013 edition

Spirit Family Reunion plays the same sincere, energetic, foot-stomping, harmony-laden, banjo-led brand of bluegrass that made The Avett Brothers such fan favorites early in their career. I’d name drop Mumford & Sons too, but, frankly, I’m tired of those guys and have always felt The Avetts deserved more recognition. I’m digressing, but only just a bit. Spirit Family Reunion presents their pop-inspired bluegrass with more than two speeds (unlike Mumford’s fast-slow-fast approach), and their sound’s a little more steeped in bluegrass’ traditions too. The point is, don’t let any ill feelings of Mumford’s oversaturation keep you from this show, and if you do like America’s “rock” band du jour (or The Avetts), this is a can’t-miss. Plus, the show’s at Woodlands Tavern, one of Columbus’ best roots-based music venues.