Staff Pick: Tame Impala at the Newport

From the March 7, 2013 edition

Normally I’m a tireless advocate of LC Pavilion’s outdoor stage relative to its indoor setup, but the main problems with Tame Impala’s performance opening for MGMT a few years back were the open air and the light of day. As established on 2010’s Innerspeaker and affirmed on last year’s Lonerism, the Aussie psych rockers traffic in brilliantly colored psychedelic suites, as if John Lennon had delved into prog after the Beatles broke up instead of getting into primal screams. It’s best in a context that allows you to be fully transported, whether that’s inside a pair of headphones or four walls and a ceiling. Fortunately, Friday’s gig at the Newport offers the latter scenario, which suggests something monumental might be afoot.