Locals: Corrupt

From the March 14, 2013 edition

Corrupt isn’t. Not really.

The young DJ — named James Caudle when he’s not spinning — is actually a fresh-faced, clean-cut, earnest young man. Right now, he’s speaking animatedly about the cohesion of Columbus’ house/electronic dance music scene.

“In the future,” he says, “I think you’re going to be seeing a lot of different people going to these shows. People that normally wouldn’t be going out together. And that’s really exciting.”

Corrupt has a lot to be excited about: He’s one of Columbus’ fastest rising DJs and producers. His spare, clean, eminently danceable style has already earned him slots playing the Buckeye Cruise for Cancer and opening for Paul van Dyk. According to Corrupt, European EDM like van Dyk’s has had a large influence on his style as a DJ. “I’ve always listened to a lot of Dutch-style stuff, like Tiesto,” he says. Closer to home, Corrupt cites local acts such as DJ Duct Tape and Matt Magic as mentors and more immediate influences.

Corrupt’s experience spinning and producing has also lent him skills of a different, more conventional variety. Given all the event planning and promotion that goes into organizing shows for Columbus’ club scene, Corrupt knows a thing or two about marketing. “I feel like I have a degree in it,” he says. “Everything from the fliering to writing radio ads — I’ve just thrown myself into that stuff.” And, though planning a show is a markedly different undertaking than playing one, Corrupt maintains that his marketing chops have helped him as a DJ. “It’s made me a more social person,” he says. “It makes me more able to gain a following as I try to become a better DJ myself.”

His already ample following will be out in full force this Saturday at Skully’s, where Corrupt is slated to play a set opening for Antiserum as part of the venue’s monthly LeBoom concert series.

Photo by Meghan Ralston