Staff Pick: Art of Illustration

From the March 14, 2013 edition

Students from the Columbus College of Art & Design’s Illustration Department have hosted an exhibit of their best work for 16 years in the annual “Art of Illustration” showcase. This year, those facts are the same, but visitors can expect a unique vibe from the show.

“This year is different from a lot of our past shows because there’s a much more contemporary feel to the work,” said Andrew Thompson, one of the show’s student organizers. “I think that’s one thing that came from having two art reps in the [jurying] bunch. The show is definitely a great example of what’s in style right now.”

The show, which opens with a Saturday reception (Mexican food truck Los Jalapenos will be there!), features 40 illustration artworks made by 17 illustration majors. A jury of alumni was composed of a children’s book illustrator, a fantasy book illustrator, a screen printer and two art reps (think agents for illustrators).