The List: Top 10 magicians

From the March 14, 2013 edition

With Steve Carell getting his magic on in the new comedy “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone,” we’re waving our wands and ranking our favorite magic-makers.

10. David Copperfield

The most commercially successful magician in history, his greatest trick may have been getting engaged to supermodel Claudia Schiffer.

9. Siegfried & Roy

This duo proved that, yes, fake tans, bad blonde dye jobs and wildly outlandish outfits do actually improve the ability to perform magic. Oh, and that tigers are dangerous.

8. Judge Harry T. Stone

Real night court would be way less depressing if it had a wacky amateur magician who loved Mel Torme presiding over it.

7. “Magic” Johnson

The Lakers point guard was a master of prestidigitation and ball distribution.

6. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

The most memorable story from Disney’s landmark “Fantasia” is when poor Mickey Mouse (as The Sorcerer’s Apprentice) gets over his head by using magic to complete his chores. Also, he’s probably the best magician on this list for those who enjoy hallucinogens.

5. Hermione Granger

Out of all the magical characters in the Harry Potter world, we’ll go with the Muggle-born Hermione as our favorite. And, as far as young adult fiction goes, a million times better role model than Bella from “Twilight.”

4. Carnac the Magnificent

One of the best skits on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” was the hilarious Carnac who “divined” answers to the day’s most pressing questions and offered sage idioms such as, “May a desert weirdo lower his figs into your mother's soup.”

3. Penn & Teller

For decades, this duo has blended illusion and comedy into a seamlessly entertaining mix. Bonus points for their outspoken support for rational thinking, too.

2. Harry Houdini

The world’s most well-known magician made a name for himself by escaping from handcuffs, chains, straightjackets and even the famous Chinese Water Torture Cell. Houdini’s work is the foundation for all modern magicians.

1. Gob Bluth

When you heard the strains of “The Final Countdown,” you knew something was about to get magical on “Arrested Development.” “Illusion, Michael. A trick is something a whore does for money.”