Best Art Gallery: OSU Urban Arts Space

From the March 28, 2013 edition

The OSU Urban Arts Space takes the Best honors for the second year in a row thanks to its well-edited lineup of shows that are welcoming to visual art newbies and contemporary art fiends alike.

For example, last June’s “We Don’t Have All Night” featured the work of nine painters whose unconventional methods of representation and use of materials challenged viewers’ ideas of what makes a painting.

There was also “Bebe Miller: Tracing History,” a show that coincided with the renowned OSU choreographer’s new dance work that premiered at the Wexner Center.

The galleries, which are free to peruse, manage to not feel like a megaphone for the university but a place for experimentation in exhibition showing and art making.

Best Art Gallery runners-up: Roy G Biv Gallery, 83 Gallery

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