Best African: Blue Nile

From the March 28, 2013 edition

Once again Alive voters have chosen this bastion of Ethiopian food as a champion. But if you pop in to enjoy its popular buffet tomorrow, you’ll notice old favorites like Mesir Wat (hearty, spicy and wonderful red lentil stew), Minchetabesh (think zesty African sloppy joe meat) and Gomen (rich and zingy greens), might be next to Malaysian Chicken Curry and Thai Panang Tofu.

See, after 18 years, this campus classic has changed ownership and is currently called Cafe International.

Expect Blue Nile dishes to continue being served here exactly as before, but also expect flavors from many other parts of the world to be slowly integrated onto an evolving new menu.

Best African runners-up: Taste of Zanzibar, Solay Bistro

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