Best Dessert: Pistacia Vera

From the March 28, 2013 edition

It’s hard to decide our favorite part of dessert at Pistacia Vera: the delicately crunchy outside and puff of heaven inside each exquisitely flavored macaron, or the fact that it costs under $2?

With the French treat as their mainstay, Pistacia Vera only excels from there: tarts, chocolate bombs, pistachio chocolate-chip cookies, sables and pate de fruit. There isn’t a Pistacia Vera dessert we’ve met that we haven’t liked.

Everything is offered in single-serving portions behind the slick glass bakery case, made to enjoy with a cup of Americano along the window-lined seating area — or, dare we say, al fresco.

Best Dessert runners-up: Mozart’s Bakery, Pattycake Bakery

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