Best Local Treat: Sugardaddy’s

From the March 28, 2013 edition

Those round brownies (and blondies) are just irresistible, aren’t they? And the flavors you can choose from make them even more so: dark citrus, dark berry, rich mint, chai spiced, cinnamon, nutty, strawberry, seasonal flavors ... the delicious list goes on and on.

Thanks to their round shape, you get no edge pieces and just perfectly-baked goodness in every bite.

Combine a few favorite flavors into a set to share, or just pick one up as a pick-me-up next time you’re shopping at Polaris or Easton. (Sugardaddy’s has gotten plenty of national attention ... but thankfully this homegrown brand has kept its locations close.)

Best Local Treat runners-up: Pattycake Bakery, Whit’s Frozen Custard

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