Best Vegetarian and Best Brunch: Northstar Cafe

From the March 28, 2013 edition

Vegetarians and vegans still only make up a small percentage of the U.S. population, but chomping down on Northstar’s veggie burger makes it easy to see why national forecasts show meat consumption to be down 12 percent from 2007.

This particular veggie burger might not be solely responsible for that drop, but it really is that good.

Hearty, delicious and inventive are words rarely used for meat alternatives, and it’s not just the aforementioned burger that these apply to. From the Buddha Bowl to the crave-worthy, thin and crispy High Street Veggie flatbread, Northstar excels in offering premium, unique, rib-sticking deliciousness that just so happens to be meat-free.

It’s almost hard to remember a time before ultra-modern and super-smart Northstar began shining its light on Columbus. How accustomed we’ve become to Northstar’s crafty recreations of old familiar favorites from healthier, more sustainable and more flavorful ingredients.

That’s undoubtedly what magnetically drew respondents to Northstar’s weekend-only (11a.m. -3p.m.) brunch menu that shoots out dreamy Cloud Nine pancakes fluffed-up with ricotta cheese, frittata intensified with mushrooms and gruyere plus a Cowboy Breakfast (organic eggs, killer biscuit with lovely cherry preserves plus excellent pigmeat) expertly designed to getcha back in the saddle again.

Best Vegetarian runners-up: Whole World Natural Restaurant, Banana Leaf

Best Brunch runners-up: Worthington Inn, Tasi Cafe

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