Best Bookstore: The Book Loft

From the March 28, 2013 edition

The best bookstores provide an opportunity to escape, but not simply later, once you’ve settled into the book, your mind suddenly transported to a sandy beach, a medieval castle or the outer reaches of space and time.

No, the best bookstores allow you to wander, lingering over their stacked shelves and the possibilities they contain.

The best bookstores end with a lost afternoon, a sense of weightlessness and the promise of further vanishing hours.

Columbus’ best bookstore is then, without question, The Book Loft, with its 32 rooms, difficult to navigate, maze-like setup and regularly discounted tomes, all of which make finding and choosing a book impossibly difficult in the best possible sense.

Best Bookstore runners-up: Half-Price Books, Cover to Cover

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