Concert preview: Warm Soda’s traditionalist power-pop heads to Carabar

From the March 28, 2013 edition

Someone For You, the first LP from Bare Wires frontman Matthew Melton’s new Oakland-based band Warm Soda, is about as traditionalist as power-pop albums get. The same ’70s and ’80s records the Strokes used to crib from (with an extra helping of Ramones) have fueled an album of big hooks and banging guitars. It’s a lot more refreshing that the formula or the band name indicates.

Killer Columbus combos Tight Bros and Sega Genocide plus Denton’s Occult Detective Club pad out an April Fool’s Day lineup at Carabar that might revive your interest in guitars, punk rock, new wave, bars, beers, babes or all of the above.

Matthew Reamer photo