Double Down(stairs): Three promising shows at The Basement this week boast tandem talents

From the March 28, 2013 edition

The Basement typically brings a wide range of rising talents to Columbus, but this week the tiny Arena District rock club with the questionable sightlines has assembled an especially impressive playbill. What’s most notable about these shows is their depth — each concert boasts two marquee performers where one would suffice. Together, these lineups comprise a passable overview of indie rock circa 2013. A quick primer:

Sky Ferreira and How To Dress Well: 7 p.m. Friday, March 29

What they have in common: Strung-out-looking pop star machine refugee Ferreira and philosophy student Tom Krell trade in hazy, art-damaged reinterpretations of traditionally mainstream pop genres.

Where they differ: Ferreira’s Ghost EP bangs with state-of-the-art synths and effects-laden guitars at full blast, while How To Dress Well stays in a ghostly dream space that sounds like Jodeci three “Inception” levels deep, all the better to mask the cracks in his strained falsetto. His music is as fragile as her soul.

Wavves and FIDLAR: 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 2

What they have in common: Both signed to Mom + Pop Music, these California kids share a love for big, loud, retro guitar music, skateboards and a snotty, to-hell-with-the-haters attitude.

Where they differ: FIDLAR (F--- It Dog, Life’s A Risk) is amped up always, running the Black Lips’ primitivist garage rock through an adrenalized skate punk filter. Wavves’ Nathan Williams gravitates toward Green Day and grunge, all anthemic navel-gazing and mid-tempo melodic sludge. Where Wavves harmonizes, FIDLAR gang-shouts.

The Cave Singers and Bleeding Rainbow: 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 3

What they have in common: Each group leans toward a version of indie rock that reached its pinnacle in the ’90s, with melancholy moods and raw guitar sounds, and neither one gets enough credit for it.

Where they differ: The Cave Singers is basically a Whiskeytown-style alt-country band; Bleeding Rainbow is basically a Ride-style shoegaze band.