Staff Pick: IO Echo to open (upstage?) for Garbage at the LC Pavilion

From the March 28, 2013 edition

Garbage is playing the LC this Tuesday, and Garbage fans would be wise to arrive early — really, so should all fans of theatrical, synthetic rock music, which might be a full Venn overlap with Garbage fans; who knows? Anyway, IO Echo, the opening act, was all over SXSW last month, and they did right by themselves. Feist-y leading lady Ioanna Gika pranced around in some sort of ceremonial bathrobe amidst a blinding light show and nailed the high notes. Meanwhile, Leopold Ross and the band conjured everything from doom metal to dance pop to Led Zeppelin, all glazed in shoegaze haze. Shirley Manson and the boys should be a little (ahem) paranoid about getting upstaged.