This week's Fab Five includes two singer-songwriter shows, the Craig Taborn Trio and Memphis rockers Lucero.

Young veterans, established rising stars, fresh and yet wise -- these dichotomies apply in equal measure to both Seth Glier and Liz Longley, who share the Columbus Performing Arts Center stage in a Six String Concerts show Friday, April 26.

Glier spent most of his teens and early 20s on the road, indeed still logging in the neighborhood of 250 live shows in a year. But his time of reckoning would have to come, and Glier considers his latest record, Things I Should Let You Know, as a sort of coming of age, facing the realities of growing up.

Longley, like Glier based in Massachusetts, is wholly modern and crazy talented. The recent Berklee College of Music grad already owns a host of songwriting awards.

Tickets are $20/$23. Visit


The start of singer-songwriter Jesse Winchester is of Vietnam-era vintage. His name should ring enough bells given Winchester's own critical acclaim, plus he's had songs recorded by Jimmy Buffett, Joan Baez, Nicolette Larson and even the Weather Girls. Sweet.

Winchester plays the Grand Valley Dale Ballroom Thursday, May 2. Tickets are $25. Visit

The Craig Taborn Trio is laid out like a traditional jazz piano trio, with piano (Taborn) double bass (Thomas Morgan) and drums (Gerald Cleaver). In fact, Taborn even challenges many standard jazz conventions, which is also not unlike a lot of jazz piano trios.

But it's the combination of Taborn's at-once compositional and improvised approach to music-making and his bandmates' sensitivity to his desire for form and formlessness that make this ensemble a treat.

The Wexner Center for the Arts hosts the Craig Taborn Trio Saturday, April 27. Tickets are $18. Visit

Newgrass (which isn't really new any more -- is there a post-newgrass?) collective Fruition calls to mind a pair of other similar-but-not-quite-so trios in Nickel Creek and Crosby, Stills and Nash.

The Portland, Ore., quintet's harmonies sparkle and the acoustic playing fairly crackles with energy. Raw and vibrant.

Plus, if you check out this show, you'll always be able to say you came to fruition. (We couldn't resist.)

Catch 'em at Woodland Tavern Tuesday, April 30. Hocking River String Band opens. Visit woodlandstavern. com.

The Beat confesses genuine bemusement at Dillinger Escape Plan.

The New Jersey five-piece can play for sure, and has a great name (which always gets The Beat's attention). Tunes that cram a whole lot of directionless riffing into 90-second packages, though, leave us unfulfilled.

Check 'em out with openers Faceless and Royal Thunder Tuesday, April 30, at the A&R Bar.

Tickets are $20. Visit

Lucero hails from the musical crucible that is Memphis, Tenn., and that heritage is reflected in the band's sometimes grim, gravelly version of country-punk, inflected with flavors of R&B/soul and roots rock. Like an East Coast bar band playing honky-tonk.

One listen to a Lucero classic such as Nights Like These and you'll get what we're talking about. It's rock 'n' roll, baby.

Lucero plays The Bluestone Wednesday, May 1. Langhorne Slim and the Law open. Tickets are $17/$19. Visit