Concert preview: BRMC keeps slugging away at shoegaze garage rock

From the May 9, 2013 edition

It’s been a good dozen years since Black Rebel Motorcycle Club asked “Whatever Happened to My Rock ’n’ Roll” in a shoegaze-inflected classic rock air strike stupidly subtitled “(Punk Song)” that beat the post-9/11 garage rock revivalists to the punch by a matter of months. As a teenager, I stared through the fence in awe as these guys bombarded, of all places, the volleyball-courted suburban paradise Flanagan’s. (That place also hosted Stereophonics and Hot Hot Heat if I recall correctly.)

BRMC hasn’t yet kicked out a jam to equal that one, but they’ve been coming close with each bluesy, blustery LP since then. And the trio has been road-dogging it for so long that they’re surely well practiced at building from woozy textures to sonic booms — maybe enough that they can finally leave those Jesus and Mary Chain comparisons behind. (OK, guess not.)

Dhani Harrison, son of George, will open the show with his group thenewno2.