Staff Pick: Eat Skull shifts gears from clamorous intensity to soft-focus psych

From the May 16, 2013 edition

Of all the non-local bands that ran with the Times New Viking/Psychedelic Horseshit/Pink Reason clique in the heyday of that laughable-but-useful buzzword “shitgaze,” Portland’s Eat Skull was always my favorite.

2009 single “Stick To the Formula” in particular was bracing and raw, running The Clean’s jittery Kiwi pop through a crackling ’90s filter — not just the lo-fi fuzz, but the bracing immediacy of the era’s best basement jams.

They disappeared for a spell, but the new III finds them peeling back the intensity to reveal humid, rippling, soft-focus psych, a fertile new side of the group worth exploring Tuesday at The Summit with Connections and Fake Islands.