Things Alyse Kordenbrock Loves

By Columbus Alive
From the May 30, 2013 edition

Sand Volleyball

at Woodland’s Backyard and Flannagan’s Dublin

Bump, set, spike ... and drink. It isn't summer without a little play in the sand. I love sand volleyball so much that I play twice a week.

Whitewater rafting

on the New River in West Virginia

Two weeks ago, my friends and I ventured to West Virginia for a wild and wonderful ride on the New River. We took on the Class IV and V rapids like champs, and now we're hooked. We're going back for more fun in a few weeks.

The Maine

In preparation for the release of its new album, Forever Halloween, on June 4, I just can't stop (won't stop) listening to this alternative/pop rock band. The Maine has already released its new single "Happy" and a lyric video for "Love and Drugs." What's even more exciting is that they'll be at A&R Music Bar July 10 with A Rocket to the Moon (another favorite band), This Century and Brighten.

Luna Lovegood the poodle

Yes, I have a poodle. Yes, I named my poodle after a “Harry Potter” character. And yes, she is the greatest poodle in Columbus.

Woodchuck's Summer Reserve

Hard cider with a blueberry twist? It certainly tastes like summer to me! Woodchuck isn't usually my first choice of cider, but the summer seasonal is delicious.