Concert preview: Rejuvenated Ben Folds Five jaunts to the LC following reunion

From the July 4, 2013 edition

The first three Ben Folds Five albums, though flawed and occasionally grating, were mostly triumphant affairs track a colorful arc from boisterous youth to melancholic middle age. The Folds solo material that followed always felt hollow in comparison.

Last year’s reunion record The Sound of the Life of the Mind picked up where 1999’s The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner left off, older and wiser but also rejuvenated. The hindsight anthem “Do It Anyway” is among the best work Folds has ever done, so even with the new material mixed in, Friday’s show will probably be a blast — good enough, even, to justify paying for a ticket to see tourmates Barenaked Ladies and Guster.