Concert preview: Samantha Crain brings Oklahoma roots, art-school

From the July 11, 2013 edition

Choctaw singer-songwriter Samantha Crain plays like somebody who grew up in Oklahoma but also digs Joanna Newsom.

The strummy, fiddle-faddled twilight music of Crain’s recent Kid Face also has enough sheen to get NPR shine.

You can thank ace indie rock producer John Vanderslice for that; the space between instruments and delightful flourishes of sound on Kid Face could be mistaken for one of his solo albums.

But something tells me this music will be even better raw and in the flesh. Crain isn’t afraid to push her vocals into unhinged realms, and Kid Face’s fragile folk ballads benefit from that boldness.

Her show will be a fine way to cap off a night of fancy pizza and beer.

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