Concert preview: Less Than Music IV brings great Midwest punk bands to Bourbon Street

From the July 18, 2013 edition

Columbus used to host the sprawling More Than Music Fest, which started out as a hardcore thing but expanded into all sorts of underground sounds. That’s been dead for a decade. Now we’ve got Less Than Music Fest, which is unaffiliated with MTM and is really more like a glorified punk show at Bourbon Street — rightfully glorified, though, because the bands are awesome.

Pittsburgh’s The Gotobeds in particular know how to accent their no-nonsense post-punk with just the right proportions of noise and melody. Michigan’s No Bails plays voice-slurring, beer-clinking punk, while Pittsburgh’s Crazy Scorpion Group splits the difference between hardcore and party-time punk. Locals Messrs and Windowless Van round out the bill.