Breakfast biscuit from Philco

Breakfast biscuit from Philco

Iíve been waiting for the latest dining destination from the people behind my beloved Little Palace (and also terrific The Rossi, Club 185 and El Camino). Philco didnít disappoint, especially the Breakfast Biscuit featuring chorizo, chŤvre, shallot preserves and a fried egg on a flaky biscuit. Pro-tip: Itís not just for breakfast.


Love the idea of a big music festival but hate the idea of gross camping for three days? Me, too, so Iíll be seeing my beloved Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age and many more under the Chicago skyline in a few weeks.

Pac-Man C-bus shirt from 16-Bit Bar+Arcade

While we are anxiously awaiting the opening about the buzzworthy ďbarcadeĒ coming next to Dirty Frankís, Iím already a big fan of their branding. Case in point: This sweet, simple design that lets the wearer show his love for both Columbus and old-school arcade games.

Candy Crush Saga

I never got into an iPhone game before ó I played Angry Birds for about 10 minutesó but this game Ö this game is crack. I donít love that I love it, but I canít stop playing Ö at least until I run out of lives.

Blackberry Bourbon Fizz

I saw a patron bring some fresh blackberries to Ace of Cups to facilitate the making of this drink (recipe courtesy the fantastic and profanity-fueled Mash up some blackberries, add some bourbon and some real-ass ginger ale (I recommend Reedís). Itís the most refreshing/intoxicating drink of the summer!