People to Watch: Brewers: Charlie Davis, Gavin Meyers and Tim Ward

From the August 1, 2013 edition

Local breweries are cropping up regularly and North High Brewing, despite being open less than a year, presents the successful footsteps many hope to follow. The original concept for North High (formerly BRU) from co-owner Gavin Meyers and Tim Ward was a brew on-premise facility. That quickly changed.

“As we started peeling back the layers we saw all these other complimentary business ideas,” Meyers said.Instead of one single-focused business we shifted to four business units; brew on-premise, retail bar, retail home supplies and ingredients and wholesale”

Ward — a home brewerand Meyersa beer lovermet in Ohio State’s MBA program, bonded over beer and immediately knew they wanted to combine their work and passion. After meeting Charlie Davis, an award-winning brewer from Chicago, the trio took the Columbus brewing scene by storm.

Since December, North High has been a destination for beer drinkers, brewers and those looking to hang out in a great bar (with great beer). According to Meyers and Ward, there’s been a steady uptick in brew on-premise accounts with many repeat customers. Even more are coming in for North High’s ever-growing stable of brews on tap

“We want to offer our customers, especially returning customers, the option to do something different every time they come here — for the rest of their lives,” Davis said.

The popularity of North High beers has led to 25 wholesale accounts throughout Columbus and a specialty house oyster stout for Cameron Mitchell Restaurants’ The Pearl. It’s also necessitated a team of five assistant brewers staff and the need for expansion.

The group is looking at a 10,000 square-foot space offsitefor a much larger brew house because space at the original facility has become limited. Plus, North High wants to increase production to be on shelves at local groceries and beer outlets, while continuing to churn out new recipes.

Ward said a new recipe is developed every week because, “Not every beer is for everybody.hen somebody says they don’t like beer, they just haven’t tried the right one”

Indeed. Cheers.