Concert preview: Halloween comes early with the arrival of cartoonish metal crew Gwar

From the September 26, 2013 edition

Pity the poor cleaning crew responsible for handling mop-up duties after the long-running Virginia metal crew’s local stop. The band’s cartoonish live shows tend to be gloriously messy affairs, awash in gallons of fake blood and other, um, bodily substances. Its music, a mishmash of speed metal and horror-show lyricism (sample song title: “Slaughterama”), is equally over-the-top, and it’s hard to take even the group’s most depraved songs with any degree of seriousness.

The timing of this concert couldn’t be better, what with Halloween just around the corner and all. The bandmates, who dress in elaborate sci-fi-and-horror inspired getups, have a tendency to look as though they just wandered off the job at a seriously epic haunted house. Whitechapel, Iron Reagan and A Band of Orcs open the show.