Staff PIck: U.S. Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey proves poetry is as necessary as ever

From the October 10, 2013 edition

If you don’t follow the world of poetry, let me assure you Natasha Trethewey’s appearance at CCAD Wednesday is kind of a big deal.

For proof, check out Trethewey’s poem “Pilgrimage,” which is as good a distillation of her writing there is, a wrestling of life in the south with our country’s racial history.

Like all my favorite poems, “Pilgrimage” draws me in on first read and beckons me to return for further reflection, each time revealing some new truth or insight or, simply, a turn-of-phrase that’s beautiful and that I want to carry with me in my pocket the rest of the day.

Trethewey is our nation’s current Poet Laureate, a sort of cultural ambassador for the artform charged with raising its appreciation and understanding.

She’s the perfect person for it and is further proof that poetry is as necessary now as it’s ever been.