Concert preview: Mount Kimbie aims to stimulate the mind, but doesn’t forget the body

By Columbus Alive
From the October 17, 2013 edition

On its sophomore record, Cold Spring Fault Less Youth, the London-based electronic duo branches further out, incorporating live instruments (horns, drums and guest vocals courtesy of King Krule growler Archy Marshall, who appears here on a pair of tracks) alongside the usual assortment of glitchy, laptop-constructed beats.

The atmosphere can be mellow at times (the gorgeous “Break Well,” for one, unfolds as gradually as a sunrise), but the pair never loses sight of its main goal: getting the dance floor pulsating. This is particularly true on “Made to Stray,” a dizzying tune that pops, locks and gyrates like a double-jointed extra in a Miley Cyrus video.

Jonwayne and D33J open the show.